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About us

We are SoulReserve - your boutique content creation and marketing partner.

We are a Perth-based small business that provides niche services around writing, marketing and propagating your message.

If you are a small or midsize company working a competitive market, it is likely that you may lack a huge marketing budget. You may even be a small team accomplishing a lot in your space but without the means or insights necessary to really engage your audience.

This is where we come in. We listen to your story. We understand how driven you are. And, we partner with you to create a robust content roadmap. We are there wherever you need us - helping, guiding, implementing, crafting and creating.

Our approach to creating content is both economical and sustainable. From writing informative articles and blogs, to designing functional and effective websites, we really do it all.

We are collaborative. We are fun. And we are interested in putting you in charge of your message.

That's why we guarantee you'll love working with us!


What we do

Incisive Content Marketing and Strategy.

It's simple, really. We're into content creation and distribution to your targeted online audience.

To sum it up, quick and sweet, with our content, we

  • – Attract attention and generate leads
  • – Explore and expand your customer base
  • – Generate or increase your online sales
  • – Increase brand awareness & credibility
  • – Engage a massive online user community

Our services

From developing strategy to creating content, publishing to distribution and promotion, we deliver cutting-edge content marketing services engineered to achieve your business goals.

We provide clients with the tools and technologies that create value, build relationships, reach a new clientele and grow revenue. We adapt to a variety of needs and goals across industries, from nonprofits to ecommerce platforms forever innovating so our clients can acquire value and truly transform.



Content Creation

Create content that converts. Every asset aligns with your goals, speaks straight to your audience and builds conversation around your brand.



Content Marketing

Understand your audience like you’ve never before. Strategize and expedite campaigns targeting high-value buyers. Create a new buzz and gather the honey.



Lakshmi Kanchi (Laksh) is an AI expert, an avid Tech Blogger and a Consultant for Business Intelligence Solutions. She is an IT engineer with an MBA from Steinbeis University Germany, with over over 10 years of experience working with giants of industry such as IBM, Oracle, Cognizant, ANZ Bank and more. She is also an ardent writer and a wistful poet with a huge readership on her Tumblr blog, which has over 1000 pieces of contemporary poetry. And fascinatingly, beyond merely writing for her editorial work, she even writes poems on science, technology, and nature.




Rohit Kanchi (Roe) is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked alongside robots and automated machines in the Oil & Gas and Cement industries. He has worked in the crowded cities of India, the deserts of Qatar and the rainforests in Brunei. He is a computer enthusiast who loves tinkering with computers, gadgets and websites. He quit following the oil trail and these days spends most of his time indoors, now pursuing a digital career, and continues to reach out to the world through his online work.

Who we are

Together, Laksh and Roe run a small business developing cutting edge Content and Graphic Designs for the Web. Working with leading tech start-ups & competitive firms has earned them a lot of insight into the latest behind-the-scenes Artificial Intelligence technologies. Some names they have worked with in this sector include clients include DXC Technology, Pluralsight, WorkFusion, Sisense, TrafficGuard Perth, Wealthy You Sydney, Comsense Consulting (an IBM Watson Partner), Varselor, Appinventiv, StrategyConect, Cloudy Code and IR-ALT Inc Japan. They have helped develop and implement Content Marketing Strategies for an Indigenous Art Gallery in Perth CBD, a Keto Cafe in Subiaco, a Perth-based Financial Group, a Muesli Maker from Rockingham, and a Health Coach from Canning Vale.

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